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5 Countless Reasons to Be a COCPA Member



Stay up-to-date

The accounting profession is constantly evolving. As a member, you’ll get the latest information and profession updates that matter to you as a CPA. We’ll even let you prioritize that information, and how you would like to receive it, all in your membership profile.



Enjoy an active CPA community, in your neck of the woods

Let’s face it: Colorado is a big state. And your time is valuable. That’s why the COCPA strives to provide you with opportunities to connect with other CPAs in your area of the state. Whether it’s a dinner, golf tournament, sports outing, beer tasting, happy hour, or what have you—we’ve got plenty of ways for you to meet and catch up with other professionals. You can also enjoy learning from other members through COCPA Link, an exclusive online community built just for you.




Every day, you make decisions according to what you believe is best for your clients or your employer, your constituencies, and your colleagues. The same is true for members of the Colorado General Assembly; members of US Congress; and local, state, and national level regulators. The COCPA’s advocacy efforts are focused on assisting with this decision-making process by providing information, resources, and perspective on the wide variety of issues that affect those who CPAs serve, as well as the CPA profession itself. Simply put: We want your voice to be heard.



Educational advancement

COCPA strives to provide an abundance of quality content and topics from highly-rated, knowledgeable instructors. Can’t come to the office? Take the webcast from home, or continue your education in your own time with on-demand courses. COCPA also offers courses throughout the year all over the state, so you don’t have to travel to Denver to earn your hours. Whatever way you choose, COCPA’s members enjoy a great reduced rate. It’s good to be part of the gang. 



Invest in your success

The COCPA wants you to succeed as a CPA, and we are invested in your future. Sometimes everyone needs a little help, especially when planning your future. With COCPA Classifieds,CareerBank, and Resume Service, you can find potential business partners, employees, or employers all through one organization. We also provide a multitude of services for accounting students and young CPAs who are just starting their career.