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Membership Categories

Fellow Members

Fellow members hold valid CPA certificates issued by the Colorado State Board of Accountancy or by other states or territories of the U.S. or the District of Columbia.

Associate Members

Associate members are

  1. non-CPA professional or administrative staff of a Colorado CPA or a Colorado CPA firm;
  2. non-CPAs pursuing requirements to become a CPA, having completed the academic requirements to become a Colorado CPA.
  3. non-CPA accounting professionals employed in industry, government, or not-for-profit organization in Colorado;
  4. non-CPA accounting faculty members at accredited Colorado colleges or universities; or
  5. non-CPA owners of Colorado CPA firms. Associate members are entitled to all privileges of membership except to vote and hold elective office.

Professional Leave Members

Professional leave members are living in Colorado and unemployed, staying home to care for a dependent, on extended illness/disability leave, or in other similar circumstances.

Student Members

Student members are part-time or full-time students in a post-secondary business program at a college or university which satisfies the academic preparation requirements for taking the Uniform CPA Examination. Student membership ceases upon graduation and may be transferred to Associate or Fellow membership if the COCPA bylaws requirements are met.