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VIP Service: It’s the COCPA staff's commitment to you. Whether your questions concern issues facing the profession, CPE courses, technical matters, or Peer Review, we’re here to help.

As always, you can call the COCPA's main numbers, (303) 773-2877 or (800) 523-9082, during business hours. The office is open, Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Friday from 7:30 a.m. to noon. You can reach all staff member directly by phone or e-mail.

Executive Department




Mary Medley

Chief Executive Officer
What doesn't Mary do? As part of the Board of Directors, she helps shape the future of the COCPA. Have a question about State Board rules or what the Colorado Department of Revenue is up to? Mary is your go-to. She is your chief on legislative issues as well as state and national initiatives. 

I'm most known around the office for being very, very, very, very, very (did I mention very?) particular. 

My biography would be called "More to Come." 


Terry Cervi

Executive Assistant to CEO
She serves as the liaison to Tax Forums, Firm Administrators, fee review panel, and Professional Conduct Board and has been at the COCPA for 25 years. As Executive Assistant to Mary Medley, CEO, she is your “App for that” when it comes to all things related to COCPA. If she doesn't have the answer she will “Google” the rest of the staff for you for information. 

I'm most known around the office for... working the hardest of everyone, of course! 

If someone wrote my biography, it would be called "Her Prom Pictures Were Taken in the Family Room: Tales from Growing Up in a Funeral Home."



Finance Department




Carol Cameron

Executive Director of COCPA's Educational Foundation

Carol directs the accounting and human resources functions and the Educational Foundation. She works closely with the management team, the Board of Directors, and the Investment, Audit, and Budget Committees. She also coordinates member insurance programs. Want to know more about giving to the Educational Foundation? Contact Carol.

On weekends you'll most likely find me out for a hike with my day pack, binoculars, and trekking poles; or volunteering for a nonprofit that has anything to do with wilderness, conservation, or wildlife. 

The best vacation I ever took was a three-week self-guided journey 285 miles through the Grand Canyon with a group of friends in our own rafts and kayaks.


Renee Clark

Financial Reporting and Human Resources
Renee joined the COCPA in 2010, and provides accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger information, as well as monitors members’ money on account balances. She assists the controller in financial, human resources, budgetary and administrative activities.

On the weekend you'll most likely find me on the sidelines of a baseball or soccer game. 

My favorite dish to cook is seafood gumbo on a cold, wintery evening.


CPE Department




Rebecca Campbell, CAE

CPE Director
CPE program development, CPE Board liaison, Certified Association Executive. Rebecca attained her position in 1999, after gaining 10 years of experience through holding various positions within the CPE department. She has played a key role in the COCPA’s website creation, several society-based strategic plans, and the introduction of technology-based CPE formats. 

The best vacation I ever took was a road trip to Miami with my girls. 

My 5 dream Jeopardy categories?

  • Top vacation spots in Europe
  • Movies you have to see
  • Best ice cream flavors
  • Springtime flowers
  • Nachos, nachos, and more nachos!


Susan Jimenez
CPE Staff Accountant
Susan has been with COCPA since 2006 and is the CPE Staff Accountant, taking care of CPE accounts payables and receivables, billing for the on-site courses we arrange, and any out-of-state billing.

On the weekend you'll most likely find me camping or at Cherry Creek dog park. 

The best vacation I ever took was 6 straight weeks of camping all over the country, finishing off with 2 weeks canoeing in the border waters.


Member Services/Peer Review Department




Susan Vachereau

Member Services Director
After many (many) years at the COCPA, Susan has finally settled in the Membership Department. Susan oversees our Member Services Team and Peer Review.  If you have any questions or concerns about membership or Peer Review, please give her a call.

The best vacation I ever took? Gee, just about anywhere I've been: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Big Sur, the Oregon coast...

My 5 dream Jeopardy categories?

  • Great vacations
  • Great restaurants
  • Great wines of the world
  • Great food
  • And of course, my life at the COCPA!


Leslie O'Donnell

Member Development Coordinator
Leslie works with COCPA members across the state organizing and attending all Chapter and Member Connection Meetings, as well as student membership. Her goal is to provide the opportunity for members across the state to meet and support other professionals through group activities. 

On weekends you'll most likely find me not in the office, I get everything done during the week. 

I'm most known in the office for... not being in the office! I'm on the road most days during the week attending our various events across the state.


Pamela Galey-Coleman

Member Services Representative
Pamela registers and assists members with any course registrations along with maintenance of CPE records for classes and registrations.

I'm most known around the office for always having the best ideas, even when they are technically not mine! 

On weekends you'll most likely find me hanging out with two amazing people who I have been blessed enough to birth, raise, teach, and be taught from (my kids)!


Jill Turner

Peer Review Coordinator
Jill joined the COCPA in 1990. As the Peer Review Coordinator, she works daily with firms and reviewers to meet the State Board of Accountancy’s mandatory Peer Review requirements.

If someone wrote my biography, it would be titled "The Bio-Epic of Jill Turner."

The best vacation I ever took was my trip to Hawaii where we went snorkeling. It was amazing!