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2015 COCPA Advocacy Efforts Already Positive for Colorado CPAs

Senate Bill 15-031 – Sen. Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs), Sponsor

Concerning reciprocity to practice a profession during a person’s first year of residency in Colorado. The bill would expand current statute regarding military spouses to all persons, including CPAs. Jan. 28, the Senate Business Affairs, Labor, and Technology Committee voted unanimously to postpone it indefinitely, the legislators’ respectful of killing it for this year.

House Bill 15-1018 – Rep. Jessie Danielson (D-Wheat Ridge), Sponsor

Concerning measures to protect older Coloradans. The bill would add CPAs to those required to report to law enforcement the abuse or exploitation of a person 70 years of age or older. Feb. 3, the House Judiciary Committee amended the bill, as requested by the sponsor, to remove CPAs (as well as financial planners, insurance agents, and postal workers) and referred it to the House Public Health Care and Human Services Committee for further consideration. Colorado Legislative Council staff initially estimated the cost to implement the bill to be more than $134,000. 

In both instances, COCPA members, COCPA CEO Mary E. Medley, and COCPA legislative counsel provided information to General Assembly members to help them make educated, informed decisions. If you hear about proposed legislation – or regulation – be in touch. Your COCPA team may already be working on it, or you may be the first to raise the subject. Remember, advocacy works when and because we’re all involved – for the public good. Email Medley for more information.