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  • 10 Financial Moves at 25
    The early to mid 20s is likely to be a period of adventure, exploration, and settling into one’s individuality. This is a time where things get a little crazy, but follow this simple advice and your future self will thank you.
  • Will You Be Able to Retire
    We dream about retirement as a time when we can relax, travel, and pursue hobbies. The reality is that many of us are not saving enough for retirement even though the need to do so is greater than ever before. There is good news. Whichever savings
  • Weaning the Kids Off the Gravy Train
    As parents, if you find yourself complaining that you’re still supporting your adult children, it didn’t just happen. You have been training your children all of their lives to be dependent on you. If you have met every financial need and want of y
  • Insurance Protection for You & Your Family
    Some people think insurance is an unnecessary expense or something they can’t afford. The truth is you can’t afford to be without it. Think about insurance as an armored shield protecting you and your family. Understanding the various insurance pr
  • Take Control Of Your Credit Card Debt Before It Controls You
    Theater tickets: $600. Dinner for four: $400. A night on the town with your family: Priceless. Well maybe. Only if you pay the full balance on your credit card every month, which only 30 percent of us do. If you are one of the 70 percent of c
  • Should You Trade In Your Gas Guzzler
    With the price of gas going up and up and up, many people are trading in their SUV’s for small fuel efficient cars. But does this really make financial sense? It depends. You could end up losing thousands of dollars to save hundreds.
  • Seven Truths About Money
    How could the wealthiest nation in the history of the world be in such awful financial straits? We should be ashamed, individually and collectively, of the financial state of our financial affairs.
  • Purchasing Your First Home
    If you are buying your first home, you should do a little homework before you start gathering paint chips and clipping furniture ads. Here's what you need to consider.
  • Merge Your Money When You Marry
    Getting married is exciting, but it brings many challenges. One such challenge that you and your spouse will have to face is how to merge your finances. Planning carefully and communicating clearly is important, because the financial decisions that y
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