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Colorado Department of Revenue Online

What is Revenue Online?
Revenue Online is one way in which citizens can conveniently and securely conduct business with the Department of Revenue on their computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The information available in Revenue Online does not represent the entirety of your information with the Department of Revenue, but the service makes it possible for you to manage your accounts without the need to contact the department by phone, email or going to a service office.
The following is a summary of services available on Monday, Aug. 29, 2011:

Income Tax
• File /amend individual income tax returns
• View 1099-Gs
• Check your refund status
• Request an individual income tax payment plan
NEW — File/amend corporation, fiduciary and partnership income tax returns
NEW — Submit E-Filer Attachments for income tax returns

International Registration Plan

• Manage your IRP fleet

Consumer Use Tax
• File consumer use tax returns

Sales Tax
• File/amend sales tax returns
• File XML or Excel spreadsheet electronic returns for a business with multiple locations
• File special event sales tax returns
• Verify a Colorado sales tax license
• Check county and city sales tax rates
• Verify the sales tax rates at a business’s location(s)
• Obtain a rate chart for a specific tax percentage
• Find tax rates by address

Retailer’s Use Tax
• File/amend retailer’s use tax returns
Withholding Tax
• File withholding returns
• Submit withholding annual reconciliation statements
• Sign up as a Withholding Submitter on behalf of a business or client

For All Income, Sales, Use, Withholding and Fuel Taxes
• Make a payment
• View payment history
• View account balances
• View letters from the department
• Update your account address
• Close a business tax account
• File a protest
• Add Power of Attorney
• Set up Third Party or Login access to your tax account
• Manage online account access

Try Revenue Online: www.Colorado.gov/RevenueOnline