Colorado Society of CPAs names Alicia Gelinas, CPA, President and CEO - Read More.


People come first at COCPA.

We’re here to make a difference for members, often in unexpected ways. Whether through education, resources, connections, or solutions to problems and answers to questions, we support COCPA members in being successful.

We treat all people with respect, seek to understand, listen effectively, routinely give the  benefit of the doubt, and embrace being compassionate and caring. We are resilient team players who understand and support each other in both our personal and professional lives.


Excellence is the norm.

We are personally and collectively accountable for producing our best work to the best of our ability. We pay attention to the details. We hold ourselves and each other responsible for delivering timely, accurate, and informative work products and resources.


Be afraid and do it anyway.

We are inquisitive, creative, and willing to experiment. We choose to be courageous in our conversations, behaviors, and actions  even when it’s uncomfortable. Together, we tackle the challenges before us and adapt our processes, programming, services, and relationships to sustain and grow our organization for the future.


Yes, we can!

We embrace opportunities and challenges with persistence, humor, grace, and a sprinkling of  joy. We approach requests with an open mind and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.


Count on me. Count on us.

We work hard, individually and together. We connect with and contribute to our team and the profession we serve. We are self-motivated and proactive. We focus on being solutions-oriented.

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