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What is CPA/PAC?

CPA/PAC, the CPA Political Action Committee, is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated committee that enables CPAs to be involved in the political process.

Voluntary financial contributions to the CPA/PAC support its efforts to elect state legislative candidates (of both parties) who generally agree with and support the public interest objectives of the CPA profession. It is not affiliated with any political party or any other national or state political action committee.


How does CPA/PAC work?

The CPA/PAC Board determines the candidates and incumbents to be supported financially, with input from others involved in Colorado politics and legislative counsel. Contribute to CPA/PAC and support members of and candidates for the Colorado General Assembly who support good business.

  • Make A PAC Contribution

  • Note: PAC Contributions are not tax-deductible

For more information, contact:

Kelli Davis

Executive Assistant
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