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COCPA Connect is a civilized public discussion

Please treat everyone with respect and professionalism. Think of Connect like driving: it only works when people obey basic rules of the road, common sense, and shared politeness. When these things happen, this tool works well!

Email or website or app

COCPA Connect works via email, this website, or in our mobile app. While settings changes can be made on the website or in the app, you can read and reply to the topics you are following via email as well.

What’s the first thing I should do as a new user of COCPA Connect?

Fill out your profile! Upload a picture, adjust your umbrella notification settings, and configure your experience to be however you’d like it to be.

What topic settings are customizable?

Using the website or mobile app, you can choose which posts to follow and how you’d like to follow them. Some users want an email for every reply to every topic. Some prefer daily summaries. Others want to see replies only to the topics that they have already participated in. It’s all up to you.

Which communities can I access?

Your access to various communities in COCPA Connect is provided by your account with COCPA. Some Connect communities are open to all COCPA members. Other communities are only available to those who are members of specific committees or chapters. These memberships are indicated in your account profile at COCPA.

Questions about how to participate in any Connect community can be answered by our member service team at COCPA:

How to reply to threads via email

  • Start a new topic or choose to follow a topic at
  • Wait for new replies to arrive
  • Reply to the post using your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)
  • Your reply will appear as a new post on the topic

What if a member of a community is acting poorly?

COCPA Connect gives you the option to “Flag” any reply to any post. When you flag a message, you will be presented with options of how to address the behavior you find objectionable. Options include marking the message as spam, noting that the material is inappropriate, or reaching out to the participant with a direct private message to resolve your issue.

Other tips

Please, for the good of the community:

  • Keep it relevant. Post your topics in the relevant communities, categories, and threads.
  • Be civil.
  • Don’t share obscene material.
  • Flag issues (posts, users) as you see them.
  • Ignore malicious or baiting posts. Don’t amplify or reward bad behavior with your attention.
  • Participate! We are stronger as more of us engage. So, help others, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

How to follow a topic or a section

To follow a topic or section, click the button next to the “Create A Topic” button or under a topic discussion. Choose the desired level of notification.

COCPA Connect How-to videos

Check back later for videos on how to use COCPA Connect.

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