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30 New Roles For Strategic Finance

The world has changed, but has your finance department changed with it or are they doing the same things the same way they always have? Being technically competent is no longer enough; you have to be able to connect with people throughout your organization.This course is designed to build on what you are already doing right and to add specific steps you can implement immediately to have a positive impact on your organization’s future.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify 5 qualities needed for 21st century leadership.
  • Move from being a disliked cost center to an appreciated, value-adding resource within your organization.
  • Develop specific skills and techniques to increase efficiency, collaboration, strategic planning, employee motivation, and persuasive communication.

Major Topics

  • Key strategic roles with the greatest impact to your organization.
  • Skills you need to move you and your department into the future.

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Finance professionals with decision-making responsibility

Fields of Study



Management experience


Business Learning Institute Dulaney Center II

CPE Credits




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