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Course ID: AIBDE

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Ethics

One of the most important ethical issues raised or exacerbated by AI concerns data: how is it collected, to whom does it belong, what do individuals and businesses need to know, and what is data citizenship? Participants will gain an accurate (but non-math, non-engineering) understanding of what AI can and cannot do with data, what ethical issues arise, and what the practices are that businesses and individuals should utilize.

Learning Objectives

Hour 1 – Participants will be able to identify the 2 tasks at which AI excels (classifying and predicting). They will be able to articulate what a neural network is, what machine learning is, and the difference between training and real-world data.

Hour 2 – Participants will be able to articulate the major ways data is collected, the uses to which it is currently put by businesses and government, identify the major ethical challenges posed by artificial intelligence: data privacy, transparency, bias.

Major Topics

Hour 1: What Is AI? What Is Data?

Hour 2: Data Privacy, Data Brokers, And What You Should Do

  • Case study 1: Amazon’s AI recruiting tool
  • Case study 2: 23andMe: Who Sees What?

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Anyone looking to understand the ethical issues that arise in businesses that use AI and data, and to participate responsibly in corporate decision-making when appropriate.

Fields of Study

Behavioral Ethics



CPE Credits


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