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Slaying the Energy Vampires – And Boosting Your Performance

Old fashioned time management is sooo 20th Century. These days, it’s energy management that makes all the difference. In a world of rapid change, the orderly management of scarce time is almost obsolete – there are too many surprises. Energy “vampires” – people who suck energy out of your work, your company, and your life – are one of the greatest threats to focusing, increasing and leveraging your precious energy.

Learning Objectives

Can you deal with the obstacles to top performance – on the job and off? Can you overcome the people (including you!) telling you your goals can’t be achieved? This course seeks to use secrets from sports, science, psychology, literature and even history to help you:

  • Fight back the negative, energy-sapping voices (including those in your head).
  • Husband and focus your energy for peak performance when it matters.
  • Avoid “energy sinks” that can sap your strength when you need it most.
  • Develop strategies to improve your health and your career.

Major Topics

  • Forget about time management; manage your energy.
  • The different types of energy and what they can do for you.
  • Why you’re “tired”…and what to about it.
  • How to “talk to a vampire”.
  • Balancing the mental game and the physical game.
  • Creating your own plan for more energy.​

Advanced Preparations


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Fields of Study

Personal Development




Business Learning Institute Dulaney Center II

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