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Why Complete the Certificate of Achievement Program?

  • To demonstrate your commitment to your career as a governmental accounting professional
  • To keep updated on the latest rules, regulations, and pronouncements in a constantly changing regulatory environment
  • To demonstrate competence in the field of governmental accounting above and beyond the base level requirements needed in the field
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved with governmental accounting
  • To learn best practices to work more efficiently

Upon completion of the courses you will receive a Digital Badge (shown to the left), 40 hours of CPE that also qualifies for yellow book credit, and recognition in a COCPA publication and website as someone who has made this intentional investment in the governmental arena.



New Courses Coming Soon

Choose qualifying courses totaling 40 hours of governmental CPE, and contact Member Services after registering to let them know that you will be participating in the program. Complete the courses within 18 months to earn the certificate.

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What is the benefit of having a digital badge?
A digital badge helps members gain recognition for a significant professional achievement by allowing you to easily share your completion of the program.

What is a Digital Badge?
A digital badge recognizes your completion of the Governmental Certificate of Achievement Program. Insert it on your website, email signature line, and social media to demonstrate your competency in the governmental arena to current and potential clients.

The certificate program is not a professional credential or license. It is recognition of successful completion of continuing education programs specific to the governmental arena.

How long do I have to complete the program?
Members have 18 months to complete the program.

Do I receive CPE credit for completed courses?
Yes. You will receive CPE credit for any programs you attend after attendance has been verified. These programs also qualify for yellow book credit.

Will I be required to take additional classes to keep my certificate?
Certificate holders will not be required to take additional courses unless a significant regulatory change has occurred.

How do I get my Digital Badge?
The COCPA will recognize members who have completed the program at the end of the CPE year. You will receive instructions to access and download your badge.

Do I have to accept and download my Digital Badge?
You do not have to download your digital badge, however, you should consider it as an opportunity to inform your clients and business associates about your professional achievement.

Will I receive a paper certificate?
Paper certificates are being phased out, however, if you prefer a certificate to hang on your wall we can email you one.

Does my Certificate expire?
No. If there is a major legislative change, certificate holders will be required to take an update program to maintain their Certificate.

Questions about the Governmental Certificate program? Contact:

Rebecca Campbell

CPE Director
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