2019 Personal Financial Planning Conference


The Personal Financial Planning Conference is a bi-annual conference for CPAs, financial planners, and business consultants to get the tools and insights needed to effectively serve your clients or plan your own retirement. The event provides strategic thinking about topics like retirement planning, social security, elder care, and estate planning from nationally recognized speakers.

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Colorado Society Of CPAs
7887 E Belleview Ave
Englewood, CO 80111 US
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Aug 28, 2019
8:30 am - 4:30 pm MST
Colorado Society Of CPAs
7887 E Belleview Ave
Englewood, CO 80111 US
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Day 1

8:30 am
Trustee: A Thankless Job (with High Liability)
Harley Look

Clients ask you to be their trustee. Do you say yes?

  • CPA as a Trustee. Think twice
  • Avoiding liability. Exiting the Matrix
  • Legal Seatbelts
9:20 am
Estate Planning for Income Taxes: Maximizing Step-Up in Basis for Couples
Jeffrey Levine

Given recent changes in the law, “tax planning” for one’s estate at death has become a lot less about estate tax planning, and far more about the income tax planning opportunities at death… particularly with respect to maximizing available step-up in basis opportunities. With that in mind, attendees of this session will explore topics including how pre-death asset transfers can help maximize step-up in basis, how other types of pre-death transfers can help avoid the potential for a step-down in basis, complications associated with these strategies for clients living

  • Describe the different ways a decedent’s assets may be treated for income tax purposes after death.
  • Examine how the post-death tax treatment of IRD assets differs from other assets.
  • Identify planning considerations for when property is held jointly between spouses at death.
  • Learn planning strategies to maximize step-up in basis opportunities and to avoid losing capital losses.
  • Explore complications and opportunities that can present themselves when trusts are used for estate planning purposes
10:10 am
10:25 am
Real Life Healthcare Questions - ANSWERED!
William Lindsay

Health care policy, what is happening now

  • Hospitals
  • Insurers
  • National Employers
11:15 am
Tax Planning for Tax Season Year-round
Scott Sprinkle

What are you doing from a planning perspective now to help you plan for tax season?

  • 199A and Roth Conversions 529 Planning
  • With the new citizenship, etc. on the hill right now, it’s a little scary.
  • Realize capital gains every year
12:05 pm
1:00 pm
10 Critical IRA Errors Advisors Must Avoid
Jeffrey Levine

For more than 40 years, IRAs have been available as a retirement-savings vehicle, but the rules surrounding them are constantly changing, and they are incredibly – and deceptively – complex. Each year, client mistakes, advisor errors and oversights by financial institutions cost clients millions of dollars in unnecessary taxation. This session seeks to reverse that trend by helping advisors to identify and avoid 10 of the most frequent and costly IRA mistakes.

  • Learn the costly RMD errors many advisors make, without even knowing it!
  • Identify surprising implications for creditor protection when moving retirement assets.
  • Explore common mistakes made when beneficiaries inherit retirement accounts.
  • Discover other costly IRA errors that can derail a client’s retirement plan.
2:15 pm
2:25 pm
Retirement Planning - Solutions to the three Primary Investment Risks
Mark Smith

Understand how to deintensify the portfolio earmarked for retirement to meet their retirement objectives

  • Learn how to overcome the risks associated with possibly living longer and having to deal with rising costs in retirement
  • Learn how to cope with market uncertainties and how to build portfolios that will withstand volatile markets
  • Learn how to position the portfolio to be able to withstand a bear market yet still remain able to provide the desired cash flow in retirement
3:15 pm
Debrief Panel

Scott Sprinkle, Mark Smith, and David L. Stevens will wrap up the day with a debrief of the day and a question and answer session.


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2019 Personal Financial Planning Conference

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