2019 Women’s Summit: Strategies for the Successful Woman Professional


The annual COCPA Women’s Summit provides practical strategies for women to enhance their personal and professional development. With so many successful, professional women in one place, attendees easily connect, engage, and gain new perspectives. Networking opportunities are offered throughout the day.

Your conference registration includes lunch at our annual Women to Watch Awards.

Learning Objectives

To provide women CPAs with opportunities to network and advance their leadership skills.

Major Topics

A committee of COCPA members will develop the agenda for this year’s conference.

Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Personal Development
History Colorado Center
1200 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203 US
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Aug 23, 2019
8:30 am - 5:00 pm MST
History Colorado Center
1200 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203 US
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Day 1

8:25 am
Sheila Marie. Balzer
8:30 am
You Can Do It! The Keys are Passion, Determination and Persistence
Jill Tietjen

The keys to personal and business success as demonstrated by Women throughout our country’s history and across industries are passion, determination and persistence.

Women across industries and history experience similar issues as Women today.

Women succeed despite societal barriers placed in their way

Each of us has the ability to be a change agent

9:20 am
Be Your Own Anchor
Amanda "Jo" Erven

How to anchor yourself and make your best choices yet… for the best future you.

“Adversity,” we all face it… “Development,” we all need it….

And “Character,” well, we all have it, but perhaps it could be brought up to the next level…

We are all “Owners” and “Leaders” in our lives… and now it’s time to anchor ourselves in our best identities.

10:10 am
10:25 am
Women on Boards - Now is the Time! Panel

When leaving this session – you will be empowered to join a board!

Hear real life corporate and non-profit board experience stories.

11:40 am
It Turns out Plan A is not the Plan at all
Val Jones

You are not what happens to you. You can adapt, overcome and have triumph after the trial.

Stand up – How to stand up to obstacles and limiting beliefs

Step up – How to formulate a plan and execute it

Never give up – How to continue when you don’t want to

12:30 pm
Women to Watch Awards Luncheon
2:00 pm
My Everyday Life Panel

Have you ever wondered how successful people live their everyday life?

Get real life examples of how people balance it all.

3:05 pm
3:20 pm
Title: Time Mastery: Productivity Simplified for Your Business and Your Life
Sarah Krivel

You may often find yourself rushing between commitments, struggling to stay afloat and keep it
all together. Do you have multiple calendars and to-do lists? Learn three critical areas of
personal productivity to get more of the right stuff done and regain sanity.

After the Session, Attendees will be Able to:
1. Achieve goals by prioritizing and executing action steps.
2. Manage distractions and maintain focus on what matters.
3. Reduce time spent on recurring tasks by automating processes.

4:10 pm
The 7 Habits of Highly Stressful People
Stacy Pederson

We all know stress is bad for our growing bellies, bottoms and shrinking bottom lines. Stacy gives a unique and hilarious take on being a “Professional Stresspert.”

Learn how to stress less and boost your overall happiness level

Learn how to get along with annoying-excuse me-“difficult” people

Walk away with practical de-stressing tips you can implement immediately that ANYONE can do. (No yoga handstands or living in a cave in South America needed.)


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2019 Women’s Summit: Strategies for the Successful Woman Professional

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