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Webinar (CPA Crossings): CFO Series – March 2023 Webinar Bundle


The CFO Series provides a convenient, one-stop way for senior level financial managers and executives, CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs, to attend multiple webinars of CPE with a single decision. The CFO Series features high-quality presentations and an interactive, executive level colleague-to-colleague approach with case studies, group discussions, and team exercises. By purchasing this webinar bundle you will receive an $87 discount versus purchasing each webinar individually. Upon registration of this bundle, you will receive the webinar login instructions for the first session. You will then be registered for the remaining sessions and will receive 3 additional emails with login instructions for those individual sessions.

Learning Objectives

Week 1 – Better understand what employees want and need in today’s competitive environment.

Week 2 – Determine the nontraditional metrics, analyze and modify to fit your organizations specific business needs for more actionable, informed business decisions.

Week 3 – Determine the weaknesses of GAAP as a financial performance measure and select alternative approaches.

Week 4 – Understand the benefits of DEI initiatives and discuss proven, effective techniques to realize those benefits.

Major Topics

All times listed are Eastern Time Zone

Week 1: CFO Series: Staff Retention: Attract and Keep the Best Staff

CPE: 2

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Discussion Leader: Various Instructors

Date: Friday, March 10, 11 am

Description: Why do your best employees leave? Does it seem like you spend far too much time recruiting? Do your people leave just as they become productive? If you think your turnover is because the younger generations are different from earlier generations, you probably are not looking at the deeper of your problem. We will review the facts and research on why employees leave. People do not leave organizations; they leave managers. Learn the changes you should make now!

Week 2: CFO Series: Measure What Matters: Identify the ‘Right’ KPIs

CPE: 2

Field of Study: Accounting

Discussion Leader: Jane Mims, Ph.D.

Date: Friday, March 17, 11 am

Description: With all the data available today globally, and in our organization, industry, and economy, how do we identify what to measure and how? Each organization has their own needs. Often, we focus on the same old metrics, but metrics from other industries may be applicable to your industry that we never thought of. Metrics are not only for managers, but employees at all levels as well. Effective dashboards help achieve organizational goals and objectives. We have too much data and this seminar will show you how to turn data into useful information.

Week 3: CFO Series: Best Practices EVA/RCE: Metrics that Speak!

CPE: 2

Field of Study: Finance

Discussion Leader: Brian Maturi, MBA, FCA

Date: Friday, March 24, 11 am

Description: How much profit is enough? Answering this question requires an understanding of how much risk is being taken and what the market requires of investments of similar risk. Learn why GAAP accounting measures can lead you astray when trying to evaluate the true economic performance of an enterprise. The measurement of economic costs and revenues requires the inclusion of opportunity costs that GAAP does not measure. The seminar looks at how this required return is established and provides practical guidance regarding two state of the art techniques for measuring true economic profit.

Week 4: CFO Series: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Done Right

CPE: 2

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Discussion Leader: Rob Angell, MS, CPA or Don Minges, MBA

Date: Friday, March 31, 11 am

Description: Why is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) so important for businesses? What is the business case for DEI? What are the economic benefits of DEI activities? What are the ethical considerations for DEI? What can business executives do to encourage Diversity? What can executives do to ensure inclusion of diverse employees, shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders? DEI is not a fad, more than half of the Fortune 500 have published data on their DEI metrics in 2022, do not be left behind.

CPA Crossings, LLC
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Business Management & Organization
Who Should Attend

This series is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers


General knowledge of CFO role

Advanced Preparation


Event Information
Mar 10, 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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Webinar (CPA Crossings): CFO Series – March 2023 Webinar Bundle

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