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Webinar (CPA Crossings): CFO Series – May 2023 Webinar Bundle


The CFO Series provides a convenient, one-stop way for senior level financial managers and executives, CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs, to attend multiple webinars of CPE with a single decision. The CFO Series features high-quality presentations and an interactive, executive level colleague-to-colleague approach with case studies, group discussions, and team exercises. By purchasing this webinar bundle you will receive an $87 discount versus purchasing each webinar individually. Upon registration of this bundle, you will receive the webinar login instructions for the first session. You will then be registered for the remaining sessions and will receive 3 additional emails with login instructions for those individual sessions.

Learning Objectives

Week 1 – Better understand GAAP accounting for inventory, and the many details that must be addressed for accurate inventory accounting.

Week 2 – Understand the risks of cyber-crime from its sources: inside the organization, external, technology, or people-related, better your understanding of an organization’s risk profile and enhance data security.

Week 3 – Recognize the impact of external factors and trends that have a direct impact on our organizations and assist our key role in applying reasoning, improvement, and methodologies to our day-to-day duties.

Week 4 – Identify the key considerations when preparing to exit the business to achieve optimal sales price and understand some of the key issues to consider when preparing to sell a business.

Major Topics

All times listed are Eastern Time Zone

Week 1: CFO Series: Inventory Accounting: GAAP, Software, Variances

Field of Study: Accounting

Discussion Leader: Various

Date: Friday, May 5, 11 am

Description: Proper inventory accounting is deceptively complicated. Do you desire accuracy? Do you desire to become more thorough in inventory accounting, or need to refresh and strengthen your inventory accounting skills? This session helps you get there quickly, and focuses on the crucial components of inventory GAAP, inventory software, and methods for dealing with variances.

Week 2: CFO Series: Cybersecurity for the CFO: Ransomware and Beyond

CPE: 2

Field of Study: Information Technology

Discussion Leader: Tracy Cooper, CPA

Date: Friday, May 12, 11 am

Description: Cyber-crime has increased by over 500% since the start of the pandemic. Many financial leaders are tasked with overseeing computer security, which is typically outsourced. Recall the maxim, trust but verify. Why do we not inspect those we pay to manage our cybersecurity? How many backup plans should we have? Verizon reports that 44% of all data breaches by companies with less than 1,000 employees were caused by malicious employees. How do you test for security? Is insurance enough? What is the ‘worst thing that could happen’ and how do you prepare for it? We will review a multi-step plan on how to enhance your data integrity. Be prepared, because at the end of day, you will be held accountable and responsible for cybersecurity.

Week 3: CFO Series: Big Picture Megatrends, Big Data, Dynamic Change

CPE: 2

Field of Study: Economics

Discussion Leader: Robert Mims, CPA

Date: Friday, May 19, 11 am

Description: It is easy for us to get caught up in our work, but it is better to examine the ‘big picture’ by studying the outside factors that impact our business beyond our internal processes and day to day responsibilities. We are sometimes so busy with our tasks that we miss new developments until they have a profound impact on us and the organization. This session is designed to review many of these current trends, while thinking and discussing how these trends can impact our organizations and us. This is a fun and lively session that is intended to be interactive with participants either live, virtual or both. Our world is changing more than many realize.

Week 4: CFO Series: Get the Most When Selling a Business: Tactics

CPE: 2

Field of Study: Finance

Discussion Leader: Don Minges, MBA

Date: Friday, May 26, 11 am

Description: Every business will be sold eventually. When you have built a great business and decide to move on, you want the most you can get for that terrific organization! What are the steps to take to maximize the value realized? What do buyers really want? What are the three levers to achieve maximum value? If you want top dollar, preparing to sell takes years of planning. This course helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, Board members, controllers, and their advisors prepare for a successful sale of the organization to maximize shareholder value. We will outline the process to get the most bang for the buck. Proper exit planning demands planning and time.

CPA Crossings, LLC
Course Level
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Information Technology
Who Should Attend

This series is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers


General knowledge of CFO role

Advanced Preparation


Event Information
May 5, 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST
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Webinar (CPA Crossings): CFO Series – May 2023 Webinar Bundle

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