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Creating, Implementing, and Monitoring the Retirement Plan (On-Demand) 2020


Are you ready to help your clients set realistic expectations and goals? In this narrated PowerPoint video, Tom Tillery will discuss contributions to, and distributions from, various types of retirement plans. Contributions to most retirement plans are made on a pre-tax or tax-deductible basis. Income tax benefits are available to both employers and employees; and, for most retirement plans, the contributions grow on an income tax-deferred basis.

Clients will face several challenges throughout the retirement years: providing care for elderly parents, children moving back home, and health issues. And, there are retirees who may have outlived, or overspent, their nest egg. This course will explore the risk-management tools and strategies to mitigate or eliminate these risks (or both). Financial advisers and clients alike, often incorrectly perceive that deployment of strategies and recommendations is the first step in the implementation phase.

In the final part of this course, you will learn that the first step should be a review of the client’s existing estate plan, or the creation of an estate plan. A current estate plan and the appropriate ownership of assets that are set aside for financial independence is just as, and may be even more, critical than the assets themselves.

Note: This course has been updated for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“Tax Reform”).

Format: Voiceover PowerPoint, Audio

Learning Objectives
  • Calculate annual contribution limits for an IRA.
  • Differentiate the benefits of a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA.
  • Determine who can receive Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Identify the eligibility requirements for Medicare.
  • Identify minimum qualified plan distribution requirements for employees at age 70½.
  • Recall the requirements of a salary continuation plan.
Major Topics
  • Personal retirement savings vehicles, including IRAs and other retirement plans.
  • Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid/
  • Retirement income and expenses.
AICPA - Durham
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Specialized Knowledge
Who Should Attend

CPAs and financial planners with basic knowledge of, and interest in, personal financial planning

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Creating, Implementing, and Monitoring the Retirement Plan (On-Demand) 2020

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