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Fundamentals of Governmental Accounting and Reporting (On-Demand) 2021


Are you new to the governmental arena or need a refresher to keep up with changes? Covering more than just buzzwords, this self-study online course features the foundational tenets of governmental accounting and reporting in today’s environment. Featuring updated accounting for GASB Statement No. 84, and fiduciary activities, this course reviews underlying concepts and shows you how they are applied through real-life examples of CAFR, financial statements and updates of recent GASB standards.

Format: Slides, No Audio

Learning Objectives

▪ Define unique aspects of the governmental environment
▪ Define the 11 fund types and 3 fund categories
▪ Apply the appropriate MFBA (Measurement Focus and Basis of Accounting) to fund accounting and reporting
▪ Classify, measure and report governmental revenues and expenditures
▪ Understand the financial reporting structure used by governments
▪ Define the format and reporting requirements for government-wide financial statements
▪ Distinguish special purpose governments
▪ Identify the impact of capital assets and long-term liabilities at the fund reporting level as well as the government-wide financial statement level

Major Topics

▪ The governmental environment and GAAP
Fund accounting and the financial reporting model
▪ Budgeting
▪ Revenues and expenditures
▪ Governmental, proprietary, and fiduciary funds
▪ Government-wide financial statements
▪ Special purpose governments
▪ Deferred outflows of resources and deferred inflows of resources

AICPA - Durham
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Accounting Governmental
Who Should Attend

Accounting and finance professionals working in the state and local government environment and auditors with state and local government clients who seek a refresher in fundamental government accounting and reporting concepts

Bruce Chase
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Fundamentals of Governmental Accounting and Reporting (On-Demand) 2021

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