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K2’s Automation For Increasing Personal Efficiency And Effectiveness (on-Demand) 2022


Automation is a great way to save time and improve accuracy and effectiveness. It also allows you to
get more value from your workday. This session will teach you how to automate the tasks that are
mundane or take up too much energy, so you complete them automatically instead. One of the best
things a person can do is invest time into automating their workday to help them achieve more work,
reduce daily stress, and provide better mental clarity.

This session focuses on various tools and services you can use to help promote personal automation. In
it, you will learn about technologies such as integration platform tools, Amazon Alexa and Google Home,
and the Elgato Stream Deck.

Learning Objectives

• Define automation and demonstrate different use cases
• Identify processes in your personal and professional life where you can use automation to
save time
• Distinguish between various automation platforms
• Identify the steps necessary to establish an account with an integration-as-a-platform-service
(iPaaS) provider and create automation workflows for daily tasks such as email, calendaring,
and document management
• Leverage the power of the Elgato Stream Deck for the simple use of application hotkeys and
launching automation process with the touch of a button

Major Topics

• Automation opportunities
• Understanding integration platforms
• Productivity tips, tricks, and applications
• Tips and tricks for saving valuable time

K2 Enterprises, LLC
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Information Technology
Who Should Attend

Business professionals desiring to improve personal and team efficiency and effectiveness

Randy Johnston
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K2’s Automation For Increasing Personal Efficiency And Effectiveness (on-Demand) 2022

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