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Member Appreciation Day – CPE on the House (FREE)



We are thrilled to introduce our NEW Member Appreciation Day by providing you 9-credit hours of content provided by our thought-leading preferred partners.

Event Information
Nov 30, 2022
8:30 am - 5:00 pm MST


Day 1

8:30 am
To API Or Not To API
Dan Schmidt

In a modern software stack, data exists across a range of systems. Learn how to identify systems of record, determine which data should be transferred (and what shouldn’t), and the appropriate methods to facilitate the transfer.

9:20 am
Trending Cybersecurity Issues and Best Practices for CPA Firms
Randy Werner, J.D., LL.M./Tax, CPA

Cybersecurity threats continue to escalate throughout the world causing a great deal of concern for CPAs and their clients. The U.S. is a well-developed country with abundant resources attractive to cyber-criminals. CPA firms do not provide big money exploits for hackers, but they are rich with financial and personal data that is desirable for ID theft, blackmail, insurance, tax, and other types of fraud. Most small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs), including CPA firms, do not have the internal resources to recover from breaches without the help of external experts.
While data security tools to protect against or stop a cyber-attack are becoming more sophisticated, hackers are constantly recycling and updating old exploits and inventing new types of attacks such as cryptojacking; typically, they are often one step ahead of the law or discovery.
An effective data security policy and an incident response plan are key parts of a CPA firm’s overall risk management program. Attendees will take away a greater awareness about cybersecurity best practices and recognition of trending cyber-threats.

This high-level, fast-moving presentation will cover topics such as:
– Common data security risks, threats, and breaches experienced by CPA firms
– Some cybersecurity best practices pre- and post-breach
– Certain best practices for policies and procedures for CPA firms
– Case studies from CAMICO’s cyber claims files

10:10 am
10:20 am
Improving Your Client Communication Strategy: A Guide for Accounting Professionals
Emiley Parker

In general, accounting professionals tend to focus more on getting the work done and not so much on how they interact with clients to actually get it done. However, continuously improving client communication is remarkably important and should be a top priority. In this course, Emiley Parker, Brand Manager with CPACharge will discuss everything you need to know but didn’t think to ask about email marketing and social media as well as how and when to communicate with your clients. Whether you know your communication needs improvement or you just want to learn the current best practices, you don’t want to miss this session.

11:10 am
Managing High Performing Virtual Teams
Jay Kimelman

It can be challenging to build a high-performance team that effectively balances the demands of productivity and collaboration with the bottom line. This is especially true now as we all navigate a new, digital-first operating context where remote work is a given. Get practical insights on how to best lead and empower your team in a virtual setting.
– Discover what makes a high-performing team
– Explore tools to use when managing remote teams
– Identify techniques for navigating difficult conversations
– Investigate the SBI model for giving feedback

12:00 pm
12:30 pm
Introduction to Tax Advisory Services
Nadia Rodriguez

This informative session is designed to help firms currently leading with compliance (tax preparation and bookkeeping) to begin offering planning and tax advisory services. You will learn about industry trends, change management with your clients, and tips on how to set up your practice for success. This will include an easy-to-follow alignment triangle, instructions on how to create a mission statement, examples to segment your clients, and support to add tax advisory to your firm. You’ll also learn how to communicate this importance, and help better prepare your clients.

1:20 pm
Top Tips for Selling Advisory Services
Josh Lance

When was the last time you refined your sales process? Now that we’re past the October 15th deadline it’s a great time to reimagine your sales process and start cross-selling advisory services to your existing clients.
When accounting professionals lean into their advisor role with their clients, they can unlock tremendous value. In today’s new world, a modern advisor is an invaluable asset to a client’s business, supporting employees’ livelihoods and helping economic recovery.
How do firms communicate this added-value clearly and create client advisory service proposals that sell? We’re joined by Josh Lance of Lance CPA group and he’ll be sharing his top tips for selling advisory services to his clients.

– By completing this webinar, you will be able to advise your clients on topics such as:
– Determine the risks of using Word for your engagement letters
– Designing a compliant engagement letter engagement letter
– Identify ways to speed up your engagement process with Practice Ignition

Which one or all?
– Packaging and Bundling your services
– Consultative selling
– Process and Workflow Efficiency
– Managing a remote team

2:10 pm
2:20 pm
IRS Red Flags: How to Reduce them for Real Estate Professional and Depreciation Schedules
Bonnie Griffin Kaake

Participants will get a valuable summary of what it takes for a client to qualify for the RE Professional designation.
– Ways to mitigate the implications of a W2 job interfering with qualification
– Learn the most likely items that will cause a concern for the IRS
– Why there is such a high rate of RE Professional Classifications being overturned with examples to be aware of
– Understand cost segregation options.
– Find out how depreciation schedules can become non-compliant
– Understand how 27.5 and 39 depreciation years can get confused
– How improvements can actually be expensed

3:10 pm
Best Practices in M&A
Chris Younger

Participants will learn both buying and selling best practices including:
– What drives value
– Assessing the company
– Selling: Preparation
– Anatomy of a Transaction
– Buying Best Practices
– Market Trends

4:00 pm
Tax-deferrals on Property or Business Transactions and Lawsuit Recoveries
Kelly Ramsdale

– Tax-deferrals on Property or Business Transactions and Lawsuit Recoveries
– Using Annuities for Tax-Deferrals
– Understanding tax-deferral options your clients don’t know exist

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Member Appreciation Day – CPE on the House (FREE)

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