Personal Financial Planning Boot Camp Bundle (On-Demand)


The AICPA’s Personal Financial Planning Boot Camp is an informative and highly engaging review of all personal financial planning (PFP) topics including estate, retirement, investment, insurance/risk-management planning and the financial planning process, as well as including the new Statement on Standards in PFP Services. An integrated approach ensures that the income tax planning elements are addressed in every area as well as the overall impacts of decisions made in any one area.

Written by expert authors Tom and Susan Tillery, these experienced instructor and practitioners illustrate concepts with real-life scenarios and practical guidance, the instructors will both improve your retention for the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential exam and enable you to increase productivity and income back in your office. The course is based on the comprehensive outline of topics covered on the PFS credential exam, so participants will receive from a broad understanding of how these topics interact with one another.

Learning Objectives

Participate in a complete review of all topics that relate to personal financial planning, dispelling perceptions that it primarily deals with managing and selling investment and insurance products. This knowledge will help participants become more successful at assisting their clients to navigate personal financial decisions

Major Topics
  • Risk Management
  • Estate and Charitable Planning
  • Retirement and Elder Planning
  • Investment and Education Planning
  • PFP Standards and Responsibilities
  • Calculator and Time Value of Money
  • Personal Financial Process, Concepts, and Environment
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Specialized Knowledge
Who Should Attend
CPAs and PFS Credential candidates


Advanced Preparation


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Personal Financial Planning Boot Camp Bundle (On-Demand)
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Personal Financial Planning Boot Camp Bundle (On-Demand)

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