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See Me Series: It’s Not How You Get There, It’s What You Bring


See Me Series: It’s Not How You Get There, It’s What You Bring
with Mikayla Smith

The career path of a public accountant is pretty straight forward and seems to be well mapped out for most: Get accepted into a university with an accredited accounting program -> Choose that as your major -> During your second or third year, start attending career fairs and conversing with recruiters about potential employment -> Satisfy the job requirements and have sufficient interviewing skills in hopes that you receive an internship which will later materialize into a full-time job -> Voila – you are now a public accountant!

But what about those who did things a little differently? Who didn’t attend a school such as the University of Denver or Regis University? How do we pin our maps so that we can arrive at the same destination? Join me as I discuss the adversities I’ve had to face post-undergrad to secure a job in public accounting, the stigma that surrounds online education, and the issues that seem to underpin the public accounting recruiting system.

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Mikayla Smith
Event Information
Mar 23, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm MDT


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See Me Series: It’s Not How You Get There, It’s What You Bring

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