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Webinar (CA): K2’s The Power of Array Formulas in Excel


Array formulas have been available in Excel for decades. But recent enhancements to Excel have breathed new life into this feature. With the new “dynamic array” concept, you can leverage Excel’s array formulas in ways that you may have never imagined possible. In this session, you will learn how you can put the power of array formulas to work for you. This session begins with an overview of Excel’s “legacy” array features and shows you how you can continue to take advantage of these tools. The course then discusses the recent enhancements to Excel that facilitate “dynamic arrays” and why these enhancements are so significant. To wrap up the conversation, you will learn from numerous practical examples of dynamic arrays and how you can put them to work for you.

Learning Objectives

• Identify examples of “legacy” array formulas
• List examples of when dynamic arrays can be useful
• Create formulas using Excel’s SORT, FILTER, UNIQUE, and SEQUENCE functions
• Cite examples of when using Dynamic Arrays is advisable

Major Topics

• Understanding arrays of data and how they are useful
• Distinguishing between “legacy” array formulas and array formulas in “dynamic array-aware” versions of Excel
• Using Excel’s new array functions, including SORT, FILTER, SEQUENCE, and UNIQUE
• Applied examples of array formulas

California CPA Education Foundation
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Information Technology
Who Should Attend

Accounting and financial professionals who want to learn how to take advantage of array formulas in Excel.

Tommy Stephens, Jr

Basic knowledge of constructing formulas in Microsoft Office Excel.

Advanced Preparation

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Event Information
Jan 27, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm MST
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Webinar (CA): K2’s The Power of Array Formulas in Excel

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