Webinar: Excel – Spreadsheet Design Techniques You Must Know


This webinar is the second of a two part series to teach you the ten most important spreadsheet design techniques. We will use a classic cash flow projection spreadsheet to demonstrate each of the techniques and provide a comprehensive guide to help you employ these features post webinar.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to build spreadsheets in less time.
Learn how to design spreadsheets that are less likely to contain errors.
Learn how to design spreadsheets that are easier to update.

Major Topics

This course will cover the following five major features of Excel that you should know:
Worksheet Tab Organization – learn how to use the worksheet tabs more effectively to design your spreadsheets with maximum efficiency and accuracy by building three dimensional formulas across spreadsheets and using group mode to format multiple worksheets consistently.
Range Fill Tool – learn how to take full advantage of the range fill command to populate your spreadsheet data quicker and more accurately and how to use this tool to enter a series of dates, numbers, and text entries in one step.
Conditional Formatting – As one of the most useful features in the newest versions of Excel, learn how to “pre-format” the style of your spreadsheet data that will be applied dynamically as the content of the spreadsheet changes, a great tool for adding more visual impact to your spreadsheets by highlighting key data with colors and styles.
Linking – Review endless applications such as MS Word and PowerPoint, as well as how to create and manage all of these types of links.
Comments – Learn how to use Excel’s commenting tools to document your spreadsheets and perform collaborative reviews.

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John Higgins


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Sep 21, 2012
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Webinar: Excel – Spreadsheet Design Techniques You Must Know

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