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Thank you for your commitment to the accounting profession and to the Colorado Society of CPAs, through membership renewal for your organization.

As an organization administrator, you have access to the organization roster tool on The roster tool enables you to see individuals connected to your organization, manage the membership plan level teams and seats in each team, and view the individuals whose memberships are covered by your organization payment.

Your membership team orders for the membership period starting May 1, 2022, are now available for payment. To see your organization’s outstanding orders, login to your account at and navigate to your organization’s roster.

To make changes to your organization’s roster, please call the COCPA office at 303-773-2877 or 800-523-9082 so that we can adjust your roster and orders prior to you making a payment.

Your COCPA membership roster works on a seat-based model. This means you won’t have to buy multiple memberships if you have any staff turnover. You can remove or add staff to purchased seats at any time. Seats added to your roster before your next payment date will be billed at a prorated amount.

You can adjust your roster at any point by adding or removing seats. Seats you add to your roster are paid for at a pro-rated amount. While seats can be removed from a team in preparation for the next renewal period, unused seats are not refundable.

You may set up monthly payment for your organization so you have the most flexible billing. This will spread out your membership payments over the course of the year. To set up a monthly payment schedule for your organization, please contact the COCPA office.

You can pay for your staff’s COCPA membership at either annual or monthly intervals, and you can pay by check or credit card.

How To Pay By Check

Paying by check is only available if you pay annually.

  1. Once you’re on your roster page, click the “Download Current Invoice” button in the Invoice & Receipts section.
  2. Print the invoice, and remit it with a check payable to the Colorado Society of CPAs to the address on the invoice.

How To Pay By Credit Card

Paying by credit card is available if you pay on either a monthly or an annual basis. When you pay with a credit card, future membership payments automatically will be charged to the credit card on file at the next payment date. You may update your roster at any time throughout the year, and the next payment will reflect the updates. If you would like the subscription feature turned off, use the toggles on your roster to set your preference.

  1. Once you’re on your roster page, you will see a “Pay Order” button next to each membership plan. Click on that button for the first team listed. (A separate payment for each membership plan will be required.)
  2. Complete checkout.
  3. You must return to your roster and complete steps 1 and 2 for each team that is on your roster. You’ll know you’re done when the “Pay Order” button no longer appears anywhere on your roster.
  4. After you have completed all of your checkouts, return to your roster to verify your auto-payment settings for the next payment date.

In providing more options and new tools, you may have questions.

Call the COCPA office at 303-773-2877 or 800-523-9082 for assistance in navigating the new process.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

-The COCPA Team

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