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Conference and Committee Volunteer Opportunities

You're Invited...

Participate in crucial decisions about COCPA's CPE programs. Volunteering to participate on a board or committee gives you the benefit of having a direct influence on your COCPA. Please consider the volunteer opportunities listed below. If interested, contact Rebecca Campbell at 303-741-8618 or 800-523-9082, ext. 118.

Conference Volunteer

Get the most out of the conference you attend - assist with planning the agenda and enjoy the conference at half price. We need your input to help develop the content and recommend the speakers that make COCPA programs exceptional, so we're offering committee members a half-price registration fee.

Concerned about the time commitment? Most conference committees accomplish planning in just two 1-hour sessions — minimizing the time required. 

CPE Board Member

We also need volunteers for the CPE Board, which oversees, coordinates, and monitors the activities and operation of the COCPA-CPE program. Committee activities and commitments include the following:

  • Meet five times a year, starting in May and ending in January
  • Develop a long-range strategic plan for the CPE program
  • Oversee the activities of the CPE Compliance Committee
  • Initiate, review, revise, and approve policies necessary to accomplish objectives of the CPE program
  • Approve course fees and recommend changes to the Board of Directors
  • Manage the fiscal accountability of the CPE program in coordination with the CPE staff

Other Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer for other COCPA committees, task forces, and member forums. You can find out how to get involved at Volunteer Opportunities.