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Why COCPA On-Site Learning?

COCPA on-site learning brings your organization the training your team needs, on the most relevant topics, in the convenience of your office. Hundreds of courses and topics are available, including the entire AICPA on-site catalog. All customized for your team.

What’s Customizable?

  • Instructor
  • Materials
  • Date, time, & length
  • Audience focus

How It Works

COCPA staff will administer the experience for you. When we understand your learning goals, we will coordinate the logistics for you – from planning, to proving materials, to booking the instructor.

Group Discounts Apply

On-site training automatically qualifies for our group discounts.

Program Options

Materials only:

Purchase the materials and a Discussion Leader Guide from the COCPA, and teach the course yourself or tap another person in your organization to teach it.

Full program with instructor:

Our expert and qualified instructors will guide the curriculum and the conversation for you, in accordance with the customized goals for your team.



Customized on-site training is simply the easiest way to bring the best customized CPE to your staff. And, because the instruction is being offered to a group, group discounts apply.

To learn more about our On-site CPE programs, contact Tiffany Carson at 303-741-8621 or tiffany@cocpa.org.

Top Selling Programs

  • Advanced Business Law

    Annual Update for Controllers

    Fair Value Accounting

    Federal Tax Update

    Fraud Update: Detecting and Preventing the Top Ten Fraud Schemes

    Government and Nonprofit Annual Update

    Leases: Mastering the New Requirement

    LLC and Partnership Taxation

    Revenue Recognition

    Accounting and Auditing Update: Latest Developments

  • Available Curricula

      • Ethics
      • Accounting and Auditing
      • Business Law
      • Communication/presentations
      • Computer – Excel, Outlook, Word
      • Employee Benefits
      • Attracting and Retaining Employees
      • Leadership Development
      • Nonprofit and Government
      • Specialized Knowledge – Construction, real estate, sales tax
      • Strategic Planning
      • Tax